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Originally Posted by darren View Post
This is exactly it. Roland Hannes is a designer, not a manufacturer, and he'd love to see his bridge more widely used. But I assume his design is under exclusive license to Schaller, so they likely call the shots.

I wonder if there are any legal grounds for a lawsuit. If the user buys a Schaller bridge at retail and designs their own aftermarket parts to fit their needs, no patents or licensing agreements have been broken. Schaller still gets the retail price for the whole bridge, even though half of it goes in the garbage.
pretty sure that Schaller wouldnt threaten to sue an individual who modded a bridge in that way but they did make it clear to [ahem, someone I know very, very well indeed] that they would sue/confiscate guitars from shows etc if they saw a similar bridge on a guitar available for sale, regardless of the scales or amount of strings adopted.

what beats me is that they could get some kudos from the whole ERG market doing new and innovative (even though Schaller claim to be "the innovators") stuff with the Hannes format.

what also beats me is that what are they going to sue for ? loss of revenue / damages / patent infringement ? whatever it would be, Darren and anyone else who has done any testing with that format would only be raising the profile of the bridge and bringing it to a new customer so.... ? whatever..

they dont have any plans to release a multiscale variant, or a 7 / 8 string variant but they dont want anyone else to do so either...

oh well, the graphtech saddles we have the 8 string "Fanned Fred" are fantastic.

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