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Originally Posted by Inhaler View Post
Honestly, why don't you just save up for one?

1- I bought an Hellraiser C-7
2- I started a Baritone Telecaster build
3- I've sent one of my Randall's module to get modded
4- I've changed the neck pup on my 006 Elite

And thats only during the past month lol

Too many project, not enough money lol. Getting a Nomade is still on my list, but I have hard time reducing the lenght of that list ahahah. And my Peavey Triple XXX is doing a decent job, so I'll just keep on bashing my head on a desk everytime I see a Nomade here or on Facebook lol


"Solid-state - A component that has been specifically designed to make a guitar amplifier sound bad. Compared to tubes, these devices can have a very long lifespan, which guarantees that your amplifier will retain it's thin, lifeless, and buzzy sound for a long time to come."
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