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Originally Posted by nojyeloot View Post
I prefer BYOC - The World's Finest DIY Guitar Effects Kits. But either way...

It's a pretty cool accomplishment to do one of these. You really need to take you're time if you're relatively inexperienced with soldering. I felt like a million bucks after I made my compressor, especially since it made my old rig come to life.
i know its not the same, but my very first guitar was a saga strat guitar kit. yes, i painted it, and put it together myself. yes, it looked butt ugly, yes i sold it about a year and a half later. but the knowledge i gained from making my first guitar instantly jumped me a few years in terms of knowledge. i was actively conversing with luthiers and guitar junkies who had been in it since the 60's, while my first guitar was made in 2005...and prior to that, i knew nothing about guitars other than slash kicked lots of ass on it...

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