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Originally Posted by LamaSabachthani View Post
Canada (ON, at least) has outrageous alcohol taxes. 230 seems steep, but not beyond the realm of believability - when I lived in ON, me and my mate used to jump the border to QC to buy cheaper booze :P

Yeah Canada is bad for drinkers and I know our prices are outragous, I used to work in a liqueur store here in Quebec city.

Some provinces have better prices on specific products compared to other. Here's an example :

A bottle of Highland Park 18 runs you about 150$ in Quebec, and about 90$ in New-Bruinswick. A 24 pack of Coors Light will run you 25$ in Quebec, but 40-45$ in New-Bruinswick

@ AK Dragon
where did you but it exactly to get such a price? I want one so bad!

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