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Originally Posted by Treeunit212 View Post
Taking away a non-citizens human rights on the grounds of "enemy combatant" status is one thing, but to give the military the right to interfere in domestic law enforcement is unconstitutional.
That word. I do not think it means what you think it means. There's nothing in the Constitution expressly preventing military action or interference within the United States.

In fact, under Youngstown, (a rather important Supreme Court case discussing executive power), Congress can authorize the President to act unilaterally. If they do so, then his actions essentially have a presumption of constitutionality.

That's oversimplifying quite a bit, but I highly recommend everyone take a Constitutional Law course. You'd be surprised what is and isn't in the Constitution, and what the Supreme Court has found to be constitutional or unconstitutional.


Also, on an unrelated note, Ron Paul is very pro-personal and state liberties, but he takes it to a completely absurd level. Given the choice, he would repeal the Civil Rights Act because it unnecessarily intrudes upon states' ability to pass laws as they see fit, and intrudes on "personal freedoms."
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