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I apologize that this has gotten so out of hand. I stand by my original response that i think she will be fine and i hope she is. I also stand by the statement that the parents are going to have to come to terms with it if she isnt found soon. I may have engaged some of you a little too much. I dont share views with many people, so im sorry if my phrasing upset some. I have been having a bad couple of weeks so im a little short tempered and some of my statements dont really reflect me very well. I guess my point in some of my poorly worded responses is that you shouldnt forsake your dreams. I dont know this girl and i dont know her situation so i try my best to have faith in the plan she has for herself, however naive or unrealistic. I know when i was young i thought i would have been better off on my own. And in some ways i was probably right based on the opportunities i had at the time. I hope she is safe but i just hope she makes the decision that is best for her which i am not in any place to say what it is.

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