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Originally Posted by aviel View Post
My name is Aviel and this is my first post in the forum
i joined because i saw this amazing powerball mod thread.

i quite like my powerball, i chosed it over the blackmore because of more channels, but i would be happy if i can reduce the fizz a bit and make it more raw, towards blackmore.

I never modded an amp, i've build a pedal once,, but i dont want to make any damage to the amp.

Can i do this moding with just changing the tubes, as simple as it is? without risking biasing issue and stuff? and if so, where do you recommend to start? i am basiclly a power metal guy, and thats the sound i am after.

i will be happy to hear your latest thoughts.
hey man! thanks for the thread appreciation.
Do the preamp tubes mod, it doesn't require any biasing and it won't harm your amp.
To preform it, you just have to change your V6 preamp tube (second from left to right) to a 12at7. ATTENTION: After this mod you'll have to run the gain knob higher, which results in sweet distortion, with reduced fizz and extra clarity. Here's the tube you need: 12AT7 / ECC81 TAD Premium Selected (symmetrisch/b - TAD Vorstufenröhren SELECTED
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