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Originally Posted by Danukenator View Post
3. People who complain about having more than six strings. Happens in my school alot. You can list every artist who uses every damn note of the extra strings and you just get a dull stare and a joke about chugging.
People at my school do that too! WHY? Why do they give a .... that I have an instrument capable of tones they could hardly fathom!?!

As for things that piss me off:
1.When people complain about your technique. I hold my pick perpendicular to my thumb and skew to my index finger. People bitch about this all the time. And I can alternate pick very fast like this.

2.Flashy douchebaggery solos. I don't give a .... if you can do extended legato phrasing and 12-string sweeps in half-diminished solos in G Locrian microtonal scales, Octave chords and melody would work just as well.

3.Entry-level metal being labeled as an influence by artists. Trivium sucks, there's no way around it.

4.When people touch your rig and turn your knobs and ..... Seriously are you 3 or what?

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