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Originally Posted by JStraitiff View Post
"This economy" is no excuse. The worst thing thats going to happen to her is she will end up living on the street and dying of TB. Thats really the fate we are all working towards though. What is your plan? Are you going to stay living at home until you finish school and "score" a sensible, practical job and then maybe meet a nice girl who isnt fat, but "curvy" and have some kids and a dog named spike?

Some people dont feed off of sensibility. Some people just want to live. Life isnt about having a steady job and a drinking habit. Some people arent worried about being "irresponsible" and are just out there to enjoy life as it happens. I think young people are just spirits that have yet to become jaded and have yet to forsake themselves. Im just sad that you have been brought down at such an early age.

Let me know which bank you get a job at.
Some of us like money.

Also reading through the rest of your posts really shows you don't do much thinking
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