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Originally Posted by Spinedriver View Post
I've been using the GuitarHacks ones for the most part. Although I did find one called the "Sperimental Pack" which had a couple of nice sounding Marshall cabs.

There's a website called and the forum has a whole category dedicated to IRs, so that might be a good place to start. There's tons of free ones you can try out so you can experiment for hours and it won't cost a dime. Granted there will probably be a lot of them that might not be what you're looking for but for the few that do, it's well worth the look.
I downloaded probably a thousand or so.
Besides getting a bunch of separate folders of different ones I also got a gigantic folder called "Impulse Collection". That thing has tons, most of them were too thin though (original in DAW).

Yeah, so far the ones that seem to work best when downsampled are the GuitarHack's, Alu's Sperimentals (I like the Mesa Trads), and Ola Englund's impulse. Redwirez's, God's Cab's, and Ownhammer's have this common "up front" sound to them while the GuitarHack's, Sperimental's, and Ola Enlgund's have this sort "set back" or farther away sound. It just seemed like everyone was jumping on Redwirez though so I was wondering if that "set back" sound wasn't really the "desired sound". It appears to jut be personal preference I suppose.

I learned something late last night btw. If you guys find 16-bit cabs you're in luck. When those are down-sampled they sound almost exactly like when they're used in a DAW. I mean really really close. 24-bit cabs don't work the same for some technical reason and usually end up having more of a difference between the downsampled versions and the original versions.

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