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Originally Posted by Zonk Knuckle View Post
The comments I made about Agile are not due to bad setup. On mine, specific frets on specific strings buzz more than others. A few high frets on specific strings are unusable. I had another Agile with issues regarding the Kahler that I returned to get the one I have. On the first one, the frets might have been better, but since the two I've use both had problems, I can't recommend Agile to anyone, unless maybe you have a budget under $700, you need 28.625", and you don't care about quality. I want to sell my Agile, but it's difficult when I have to be so honest about it.
Yeh I hear ya. But can't you just get a level and crown done and wouldn't it take care of your problem? I'm just saying

From what I'm gathering from you, the quality control ain't the best, but you can get lucky I guess....I'm not saying for OP not to check out carvins because I actually want one myself but not because I don't like or want to use my Agiles, I just like to buy a lot of .... I don't really need.

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