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Lots of fret buzz on the low F#...

Hey guys. First post ftw.

Anyways, I own a Schecter Omen-8. I understand that it's a cheap 8-string, but there's an ungodly amount of fret buzz on the 8th string. I mean, it doesn't stop it from vibrating or anything, it's just enough to be annoying, but it's always there until I play around the 12th fret. I don't want to mess with the action, but it seems like that's all I can do. The neck is perfectly straight. No bow either way. It's practically brand-new, so I know the frets aren't worn out or anything. I've never seen anything over .74 in terms of gauges, so I can't really go bigger...Or smaller, for that matter. I don't hit it very hard and I still get a ton of buzz.

Any ideas/tips?
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