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Originally Posted by 80H View Post
play every note on every fret with only your pinky. then do 1 fret slides, forward and reverse, on every fret with your pinky. finally, do a hammer on to every note on every fret with your pinky.

every other day, for 2-3 weeks.

it might help to buy one of these: Planet Waves Varigrip (note - that's an affiliate link and i make like 45 cents if you buy it through there )

i have one on my desk and have gotten a ton of use out of it. even then, my pinky is still weak when compared to my other fingers. Also, remember that using hammer-ons with sweeps is somewhat advanced anyways, so be patient and it will come.
Originally Posted by texshred777 View Post
Just slow everything down and really focus on keeping all your fingers as close to the strings as possible, particularly your pinky. This is especially important when doing sweeps, you don't want to accidentally pull off notes when you're trying to mute.
Originally Posted by Luca777 View Post
Slowly, and get the notes sounding clear and practise a lot and you'll be suprised!

Thanks for all your advices, guys! I'll try out all them By the way, 80H, that gadget seems interesting, I didn't knew that could exist that kind of stuff! hahaha very useful I'll look for it I hope you don't mind, but I prefer to buy it here in Spain, it would be more cheap than ask for one from US (you know, custom taxes and shipping costs from so far away...) but anyway thanks for the info, I'll buy one for sure!

Thanks again, dudes! Glad to read you again
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