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Mix Feedback pl0x - EP Test

Hi guys, haven't posted in the recording section for a while. My band is nearly ready to start recording our EP, for which we are getting much better gear. Right now I'm still running guitar straight into the small line in jack using a big to small converter.

This is the slower track from the EP, I'd really appreciate it if you gave it a listen and give me some feedback on the mix. We're going to try recording the EP ourselves but we don't want to if it's not going to be up to par quality wise. This isn't a final mix by any stretch but it's a big improvement (I feel) from where I was last time I posted and we'll be re-recording everything through an interface & DI box so the clarity and quality will be better.

Some notes - there aren't any vocals so if you're thinking 'this is kinda dragging on' that would be why. Try and listen all the way though as the end has some nice groove to it! The solo is meant to carry on until the breakdown (I guess that's what you'd call it?) comes back in.

Or if you want the non-raped version:
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