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Originally Posted by MFB View Post
Honestly, it really is interesting to flesh out comic stuff and has actually been helping me with being somewhat more confident in my ability AS a writer since (while it might sound egotistical) I'm looking at it like, "...., I did all of THIS? Maybe I'm not all crap, just 99%" A buddy of mine is friends with a few people in independent comic companies, so if their artists aren't complete .... as well as the company itself, maybe I'll see if they'll give it a look over and run it.
I used to aspire to being a comic book artist until I realized that I really can't draw for .....

I'd love to be a writer for a comic, though. One of the things I love about comics is the persistence of the world the stories take place in, because you're allowed to go so deep and explore things that you may normally not be able to in sort of 'finite' literature.

You may not need it, but just to throw this out there: an exercise I learned about to build confidence as an artist is to create something, and then move on to a million other things, only to come back to the first thing after you've disassociated yourself with it mentally. Once you lose the intimacy you had with it, it becomes unfamiliar to a certain extent, and you can see that you actually aren't bad at all.

It may work in reverse, however, so be careful!

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