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Originally Posted by Gabe_ESP View Post
I actually like it, its good you guys have potential, But you really need to set your band apart from other bands in this genre.
like what makes your band Different ?
Be creative and think out side the box, like add things to your songs that you wouldn't normally do.
like let say you are a big bluegrass fan, why not add a little bluegrass to your metal?
you know? its really good, its just need that uniqueness.

Cause their is a million and a half bands in your style especially now in the 2000-2010's
Like personally where I live all of the local high school metal bands are very similar to your band.
.... in the highschool I used to go to their was atleast 4 or 5 metal bands like this.
and i can name 4 more that are like this.

thats my two cents, though
just always explore knew fields with your music, change up song structures.

basically what im saying is if I wanted to listen to this I could find it elsewhere.
Thank you very much I am not very proud of the guitar on this EP at all, we have some more techincal songs being released soon...but the Full lenght album will be much more techinical, hopefully a heavier Periphery Since i'm getting my first seven string soon, we should have some cooler stuff coming along much more original, I do understand what you're saying though...we are a generic core band but that was our first album, we do regret a lot on it, but what can we do :P we still like it one will hopefully be much more original
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