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Hey guys. I'm really jealous of some of these setups haha

Here's the "studio" I'm currently working with, being at school and all.

LG 32" tv being used as an external monitor, connected to my acer laptop.
Running Podfarm into Cubase 5 for recording, and drums are being done via Superior Drummer, which is run through FL studio 10 for easier mapping.

Got the Ux2 there, and 2 small M-audio monitors, a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, and a pair of ....ty fender headphones for when the roommate is asleep.

Get a bit of the Ibby in there as well.

Currently in the post production stage of my pop punk bands first EP

While I'm home for break, I'll get some pictures of my other guitarists basement, which is where our real recording setup is, as well as the drum kit, the vocal booth, and all 20(ish) of our guitars and basses and post them in here too.
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