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Originally Posted by vampiregenocide View Post
The problem I do have with a lot of my female friends is that they don't deal with issues as logically as guys do. They think things over, get worked up, see if things change in time where ordinarily a guy would be like 'I have a problem, let's sort this'. As a result, I've given out advice countless times to female friends only to watch them ignore it and allow things to get worse. Then, when they do break up I give them the whole 'well, you had problems a lot it's for the best' talk, and they're back together again a week later.

I've had this with virtually every girl I've been friends with. Time and time again. Guys tend to be more direct when there is a problem, or simply ignore it.

So there are some friends I simply don't engage with in terms of relationship advice. They can do what they want, because I've tried to help them only to be ignored. Why ask for advice if you're just going to ignore it? Meh.

This is the exact thing i am talking about. Which actually makes me laugh that Konfyouzd agreed with you on it but he still continues to argue with me. Some people argue for the sake of argument and i appreciate that. Rock on Konfyouzd

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