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What is the strength of bamboo for a neck? I've never heard of it being used for a neck before. Is it quartersawn or something to provide extra strength or something? I have no clue how they harden bamboo but isn't that the same tree Panda bears eat? Seems like maybe they eat softer younger growth?

Are these just straight 27" scale or a fanned fret type? That purple one is absolutely gorgeous!

If one ordered a mahogany body can it be tung oiled? I prefer tung oil to poly finishes. If it is tung oiled, I'd assume it would have grain filler and sanded pretty fine to not see the open pores of the mahogany (think the upscale Ibanez basses with the tung oiled finishes over mahogany I think one is a SR 3000/3005/3006 or some sort from the early 2000s.

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