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Okay just a little update for those who are curious and happen to struggle with the same problem as me, and live in the same country (The Netherlands).

I couldn't find any vacuum, air-tight sealing bags. I did find some stuff on the internet, on awfully unprofessional looking sites. But those sites only shipped in orders of a 1000 or more. And this would be quite costy, so I don't want to do that. I did however find dual ziplock bags at "de blokker".
25 bags for 2 euro, so why the heck not try it, right? Looking at the edges of these bags I have my doubts that they are air-tight...

I also got about 10 little silica gel sacks from a shoe store. These were free and I would've gotten more if they had received the scheduled delivery. Which unfortunately didn't happen, so I'll visit them again next saturday. The people were very kind and helpful so if you're in need for silica gel sacks, then just ask your local shoe store!

So this is what I'm going to do:

- Put 1 silica gel sack inside the little paper bag in which the single string is.

- Wrap the paper bag in wrap plastic, as tightly as possible.
- But that in the ziplock bag, and put an additional silica gel sack in the ziplock bag.
- Put the ziplock bag in a plastic "sandwhich bag", which I will seal with a knot. I will put that bag also in a sandwhich bag, which I will also seal with a knot in the opposite direction. Hopefully this will prevent as much oxygen and moisture from entering.

I actually had a plan to breathe inside the ziplock bag to replace all the oxygen with carbon dioxide but I quickly noticed that this would leave a hell lot of moisture from my breath inside the ziplock bag. Sure I get most of the oxygen out, but it's not going to do much good if it gets replaced by 5 times the amount of water lol!

Anyway, if anyone knows a site for air-tight vacuum ziplock bags, which can be ordered in small quantities (talking 100 or less) and shipped for a reasonable price then I'd love to hear about it. Or if anyone has any other ideas which might improve string life then don't hesitate to tell me.

Soooo, does my plan sound like a solid one? And could anyone tell me their experience with how "fresh" the single strings remain when packed air-tight? Like do they feel a week out when you use them.. or 2 weeks? Stuff like that.

Thanks guys!

P.S. Long ass posts for small issues ftw.
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