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Originally Posted by NatG View Post
Like I said, child abuse, racism and genocide are ever present regardless of religion and due to the flaws of man.

Seeing as religious homophobia, for example, stems from the belief that God made men and women to be heterosexual and therefore homosexuality is sinful. Take away the faith in God, they've got no reason to be against gay people because they are no longer commiting acts of sin.

Likewise if Christianity had never existed, witches would never have been burnt and Christian crusades would have never happened. Since witches wouldn't have been accused of devil worship and there would not be a religion to forcibly convert people to.

Most often religious people aren't like that, and thank goodness for that. Their reason being that "we've moved on" or "I don't believe that part".

You can see that societies with less religion, such as the Scandinavian countries, have much more developed rights for women and homosexuals. This is because there is no reason for people to want to curb homosexuality and give women less rights.
I think we could argue this for a million pages. I think the issue is more human mindset than religion..that being said I certainly wouldn't mind a land without the guidelines of Christianity. By the way..did you look at your post count? I'll be sure to send Westboro your way
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