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Originally Posted by Grand Moff Tim View Post
Man, seriously, my 2H specialist almost feels like cheating most times. I'm one-hit killing restless draugrs, and that's not even power attacks... just plain old normal attacks. I can kill a bear in two mighty swings of my hammer. If I find an enemy that takes more than three swings to kill, I probably have to take a few swigs of some health potions before it's all said and done, because it'd have to be one powerful baddie.

Despite the badassery of the 2H tank, it does make dragon battles alot more annoying. I do alot of standing there yelling "Land, damn you! LAND!" and taking cheap worthless potshots with whatever bow I have in my inventory. Once it lands, though, I ..... ..... UP.
I tend to keep to ranged attacks with my Imperial bow of burning (which I recharged) when I fight dragons.

When I'm up close and personal, I like to use a greatsword, Wuuthrad or I wield a sword in my right hand and magic in the other.

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