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How can I get an Opeth tone with my gear?

For some time I try to immitate their Blackwater Park/Ghost Reveries albums heavy sound but with no success.
I like how it stays so clear, natural and articulate. It seems that there isn't much gain involved, while it still sounds really heavy and aggressive.
I have a Carvin V3M equipped with a full JJ tubes set, both EL84's and 12AX7's, so it sounds much tighter than the stock one. The cab is a MESA 2X12 Rectifier, GT10 for effects and EQ [I plan to trade it for a POD HD500], and the guitars I use are a CORT G290 and a Cort X6 [BKP Aftermath in the bridge....yeah, I know what your'e thinking...].

Can you please give me some directions? Amp's EQ/GT10 settings/etc...
Maybe I need to get a boost pedal [TS808?] for extra tightness/clarity or the GT10 will do?
Any piece of advice will help. Thanks in advance! [=
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