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Originally Posted by The Omega Cluster View Post
Void votes actually mean something, I think...

So instead of refusing to vote, go there and check every name, or no name at all, or write something, draw a smiley, a dick, whatever...

Then, if those voids are counted, eventually they will notice our lack of confidence in the system...

Imagine, rather than having a 60% ratio of voters against non-voters, we'd have something like 90% of vote and, in that number, around 40% who left their vote blank. That tells something.
I'd think that might just make things easier for governments. <potentiallystupidstatement> Wouldn't it not matter of only 3 people voted, 2 of them for one party and 1 for the other? Someone's still getting elected. </potentiallystupidsentence>

I know Canada elects provincial representatives, not federal ones and then some voodoo magic happens that allows them to decide who's in office. But still, the less people vote, that just means there are more people who don't care that someone else is making a decision for them. It would still be a statement of indifference but there's still going to be a government. I'd take that as an invitation for governments to act with even more impunity if noone cared to vote.
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