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Advices for sweeping!

Hi guys! what's up? So long without read you!

For some time I have been studying and working a lot, so this is why I couldn't dedicate time to visit the forum, sorry!

Let's see, recently I've acquired my first 7", an Schecter Jeff Loomis C-7 FR. I'm really fallen in love from this guitar, it's amazing

I have started to study harmony and musical theory few months ago. Anyway I started to play guitar about five years ago, more or less (I know, I should have studied theory before ). On the one hand, I have no problems with fingering or scales and modes. But on the other hand, I have a doubt; I need some advice to sweep.

I started practising sweeping arpeggios, and I surprised myself when I saw that I could make them with a modest speed.

But what I would like to ask you, specifically, are some advices to avoid bad habits (All we know that it's very difficult to discard them once they have been acquired) and, in addition, I would like to know some advices to make easy the learning.

I will appreciate any advice from all you guys.

Thanks for all!
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