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Thanks for the other HNGD wishes! This is the nicest guitar I own and it's pretty cool to own a nicer instrument that isn't an entry/lower level one ^__^

Originally Posted by aWoodenShip View Post
Nice man! I was thinking about doing roughly the same thing to one of the new 7321s in a while here, maybe a repaint as well. What kind of glue did you use on the nut?
I actually didn't do the work on this. I don't have the files for slotting nuts so I sent it to a local luthier to do all the work on it. Sorry that I can't help with that.

Originally Posted by Black_Sheep View Post
That looks GREAT! Happy NGD!
What was the overall cost of the guitar? (and the pickups). Lately (inspired by a few recent NGD posts i've seen here) i've been thinking about buying an RG7621 or (more preferably) 1527 and mod it to look (and sound) cool
Well a 1527 is going to be a lot more than a 762* or 7420. If you look around and are patient, you can get a 7420 or 762* for round $350 or so. Depending on if you get covered BKPs, they'll be around $289-315 ish. If you're thinking about getting some, I'm not kidding when I say Nick (AKA Zimbloth around here) at the Axe Palace has the best prices you're you can get. Email him and he'll probably get you started on a pickup that will work with your sound. Calling him is also good so you can communicate everything all at once.

Originally Posted by astm View Post

That guitar looks great with green pickups!

Now go and get green knobs!!
That's next on the list! It'd be cool to get all of the hardware in the same color. Getting everything changed to that color might be a pain though, haha.

Originally Posted by Tones View Post
congrats. chug away! Probably going to do the same to mine
Do it, you won't regret it ^__^
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