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Originally Posted by geofreesun View Post
well now that you mentioned it, it kinda starts to get me because i have no idea what to expect from a custom shop guitar. i will contact bernie about this and see what's up. but i am really lucky to be one the first guys to receive this special run of guitars
Yeah, it sucks to see such mistakes on what is a beautiful guitar. This is definitely something you wouldn't expect on a guitar in this price range, custom or not. Like I said, this is something that knocks a couple hundred dollars off of a $600 Agile.

Definitely follow up with Bernie. I'm sure he'd want to make this right and not leave you hanging. It seems he's hard to get a hold of now, but MTech seems to have special "Bernie Summoning" abilities.

Once again man, I can not get over that beautiful one piece, quarter sawn neck, really nice.

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