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Originally Posted by motomoto View Post
Ovangkol is thoroughly used by Warwick for their bass necks.

Framus is the guitar side of Warwick and they also extensively use Ovangkol for their necks.

Bubinga is less used for entire necks, and has very different tonic properties to Ovangkol, which is pretty similar to maple in sound. Bubinga is deeper sounding and fuller. Bubinga is used by Warwick for bodies, because it's very heavy and has loads of sustain, but as i said is very deep sounding.

Also the BFR JP has an Alder body with a block of Mahogany in the middle.

I think it'll be ok, but it will be dark. I'd have considered going for something like Swamp Ash for the body which is a bit brighter that Mahogany. Maple neck will be good though, and if you want to put some lamina in then great, it's excellent to combat warping later in life, but you just need something attractive and stiff, it won't impact tone much. People very often use Ovangkol or Walnut and even Wenge for neck lamina as well as the Bubinga you mention.

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