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FS: 3 Duncan 6 string pups, Behringer Ultra DI-100, SM-57,

moneys tight, so i'm getting rid of things i don't use anymore

i've got a white Duncan Distortion(SH6B), a white Duncan Jazz(SH2N), and a black JB. the lead on the JB and Distortion is kind of short(i wouldn't say too short, but if your switch is far from your bridge pickup you'd need to extend the wires), so i'll let those go for 40 each. the Jazz has a nice long lead on it, i'd like to get 45 shipped for that. they are all in good condition and work well

this is the Jazz

this is the Distortion

This is the JB

the SM-57 is in good working condition, its got a scratch on it near the top on the metal, and i'd like to get 40 shipped for it. it comes with the original vinyl/leather/pleather/whatever it is case as well.

the Ultra DI-100 is in decent condition, its barely been used, maybe for an hour or 2 total use, it works well, i just stopped using it really after i got my vamp pro, it runs off a 9v, or phantom power, i almost exclusively used phantom power... features a 4x12 cab sim as well, i'd like to get 25 shipped for it

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