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About those clips: I don't have a good recording setup at the moment, but I could plug into my iPad and generate some stuff through Ampkit. I might even be able to dial in something djenty, as long as y'all understand that I AM NOT A METAL GUITARIST. Or, y'know, a very good guitarist in general, at least by the technical standards operative around here. I'll see what I can do over the next couple of days.

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Cool. I'm a big fan of Tom's work. So those Lace pups are clear, but how much do they push the amp? Can you generate pinch harmonics and stuff on them? My 10 string has some Villex pups, which are clear, but definitely lower output than my other guitars, so I have to compensate with gain, boost, etc. I am considering Lace tonebars for another build, though.
I'm not really a pinch-harmonics player, but I'll give it a shot. The output level on these seem fine to me, but then I don't usually play high-output pickups. You might PM Tom for his take on it - I imagine he has a wider perspective on the issue than I do.

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