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NGD! Not quite an average 7 string.

Well, as promised a week ago, my 3rd build is finished!

I know you didn't follow the build, but here it is:
Make this stop!!


# of strings: 7... 7 Nylon strings
Scale length: Multiscale, 636mm-666mm, which is close (ish) to 25"-26.25
neck: 7 piece flamed maple/walnut neckthrough... no trussrod, 15°Headstock angle
Body wood: mahogany wings
Top wood: Flamed maple
Fingerboard: Pau ferro
FB radius: 20"
# of frets: 23... because I felt like 23 + zero fret
Bridge: Rosewood bridge with graphtech ghost saddles
electronics: graphtech acoustiphonic preamp, 1 volume.
Binding: Natural binding
nut: honeybadger claw
Hella chambered

I apologize for the pics, they are horrible, but I finished it quite late, and there is no decent lightning. I'll upload better ones tomorrow (late today actually since it's monday already)


First of all, the guitar isn't exactly finished. I still need to do some things, but I put it all together for testing. I still need to make a control cavity cover, and a nut, as well as some cosmetic things. The strings are being kept in place just by the correct placement of the tuners, which make the strings keep straight after the nut.

I have a hard time explaining this guitar to friends who came by and saw it being built. "Yeah, it's a 7 string solid body but chambered fan fretted nylon string guitar". Do I care that it's hard to explain? Nope, soon as I plugged it in I knew all the effort had payed off.

The good:
1.- The fanned frets! I'm sold, multiscale instruments is where it's at. It's som comfortable to play that I'm not making or buying a 25.5" (I'm also loving the 27.5" atm) scale axe ever again, unless it's something extremely special.

2.- The idea works! This came to be as an excercise and an experiment. I mean, I could have just built a normal guitar, but NOOOO. I had to build a chambered, trussrodless neckthrough for nylon strings, using saddles and tuners made for steel strings.

3.- Graphtech saddles and preamp. They sound perfect. I need to add a splash of reverb, but other than that, no EQ, or effects are needed. They ley through the actual sound of the guitar very well. They even overdrive nicely. It sounds very very crisp, but never harsh, and the high strings have a very pleasant sweetness to them, which I imagine is partly due to the smaller scale.
4.- The neck! It's as thick as possible, and I absolutely love it. 25.5mm at the first fret and 26mm at the 12th, with a very flat back.

The bad:

One of the ghost saddles (low E) isn't working. Seems like I will need a replacement.

The flamed maple I bought for the top... Holy crap did it cause me trouble. The figure is very inconsistent, and it has some strange staining. It was also cut by monkeys, and was warped when I received it... Never buying from that guy again.

And that's about it. I'm just getting to know this guitar, but I already know it's going to be hard putting it down for quite a while. It's just ridiculosly fun to mess with.

Is this... guitar?
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