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Originally Posted by SomeChump View Post
Yeah, I'm going to say, The instruments are all sitting well in the mix and sound EQ'd pretty nicely. The Vocals are the only thing that aren't sitting right. If it was, "Steroized." It might help it. Either
A. Add some Verb to them and pan the verb a little to one side... or
B. Add some Delay and turn the wet to be barely noticeable - and Pan a little to one side.
Other than the Vocals. Sounds really good man.
How much do you mean by a little panning?

Originally Posted by Kurkkuviipale View Post
I know you didn't want me to say this, but you asked for it: Compress them more. But yea, that's just me and my stupid ears.
I shouldn't have even bothered to ask

They are the hardest I've ever compressed Superior drums. I've got each drum compressed individually, The drum master is compressed using the Waves SSL Quad Compressor (just lightly to stop peaks). The same plugin is pumping a separate bus with kick, snare and Toms. I might play around with it a bit tomorrow

Originally Posted by C2Aye View Post
Compression - Joel's solution for life

But yeah, it sounds good man. I agree with the vocals, they seem to 'stick out' a bit too much, if you know what I mean, rather than sitting in the mix.

In terms of drums, I liked the kick even despite its 'woodiness' but the snare could definitely use more body.

Awesome work though
Yea the more I've listened sitting back with fresh ears the more vocals stick out like a sore thumb.

and thanks....

In fact, thanks all of you for the help. This is exactly what I wanted.

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