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NGM (New guitar month, didn't exactly get it today)

As I've been getting sick of my GRG 170 DX, I needed something a little better for my drop C# stuff. Found this on Kijiji- 2011 Ibanez RG 350 DXZ, 3 months old, literally spotless (only one small ding on the headstock which apparently happened in the store before bought) So condition is 10/10 easy. Got it for .... $ 295 CA!
I'm in love with it and the way it looks but for some reason i can't get it to play great just yet...I gave her a string change, oiled up the board and intonated, but had a lot of buzz on the first few frets so I loosened the truss rod a tiny bit which helped a lot, but I can't get it to play like my K-7 - low action with minimal buzz. I've got the same action but getting a lot of buzz. I don't suspect the neck is twisted but the seller DID tell me that he didnt play it alot and left it in his basement, but took it into the shop cuz the neck was bowed and they adjusted it I guess. I'm gonna take it in myself and see what they say. Anyways! Pics to follow. Enjoy.
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