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Originally Posted by frank falbo View Post
For special cases, I may be able to sand just enough off the sides of the covers to match the passive dimension after epoxy. Then we'd tape off the top and bottom, and sandblast the sides so you had a "satin finish" side instead of gloss. Take a look at the Phase 1 dimension and tell me which dimension was the problem: 1.470" or 3.150" or both?
It's a bit of both. The North-to-South coil width (1.470") is larger than the route as is the side to side width of 3.150". Along with normal concerns of the depth - those would be the dimension requirements I'd need to get these to fit.

My North-To-South coil width is at max 3.65cm/1.420" and the treble to bass width for the coils is 7.82cm/3.078". Don't quote me on these yet since I'm using a ruler instead of a digital micrometer from work but that's about where these would have to be with the BO phase 1 shell modified.
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