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Originally Posted by Wingchunwarrior View Post
No I still don't agree.You still don't have to have an impressive physique to give advice.Here's a few reasons:

Could of been been into bb when he was younger but has stopped because of/family/no time/not interested in it anymore.
Could of had a serious injury preventing him from training
serious illness ie cancer,hiv
not enough income to support bb lifestyle
lol, you did exactly what I said you would. Find the smallest, most obscure, mundane, trivial source (actually you didn't even find/cite a source) to reference. Cancer and AIDS patients, seriously? I would seriously hope those people are out living their lives not wasting the rest of it on the internet. BB'ing isn't nearly as expensive a hobby as most make it out to be. Eating at home is cheaper than eating out and you don't have to go to a gym. Sounds pretty cheap to me. If you can't afford food and working out at home then you've got some serious problems and again are in no position to be offering anyone advice on anything.

These are just some of the reasons why some one might not be big but still have knowledge on bb/training/fitness.And even still,If a guy who had just started out training and came up to me and gave me advice,I certainly wouldn't prejudge what he has to say before he even says it.I mean look at guys like,Mark Rippetoe, Oskar Arden or Hany Rambod.They're not exactly in great shape but they've trained some of the greatest physiques to have graced the planet and certainly know what they are talking about.Moreover,would you take advice from all these actors with great bodies?They just do as they're told by their trainers but according to you their advice holds substance because they have good physiques.

As regards to everyone being different,shouldn't everyone stop giving advice then as we aren't the same as the person we're giving advice to?That argument can go on and on but in the end its not a very helpful thing to say to a beginner nor is it useful to say it at every opportunity."well I eat oranges and drink tea all day and it works for me",you see anyone can say "it works for me" but that doesn't necessarily mean they should carry on to do that or that its the best thing they could be doing to gain muscle.

I just find it hard that you can simply proclaim my and other member's posts as redundant because we don't have pictures of ourselves on the internet.Yet you can give all the advice you want just because you have a journal of your progress.Plus you haven't exactly given good advice to him and I think most people would disagree with you on the advice you gave.I'm done cluttering this thread with bickering.

The OP can take my advice if he wants,if he feels that my "pudding-less" advice holds no substance its not really a bother.I'm sure he'll read it somewhere else.

You're arguing semantics and you're only arguing for arguments sake. You do this in every thread I've come across because you think you know everything- and I'm here to tell you that you don't. Your first post proves it. You didn't even type it, it was just copy pasta'd. You weren't even offering your own advice; Pretty sad. You have the most illogical counter-arguments case in point: 'a diet of tea and oranges works for me'. And then you go on to relate to actors who get paid millions of dollars to get in shape and are known to take steroids to drop fat/gain muscle in very short periods of time. Again, such a trivial point and really has no place in this discussion.

The only advice I offered was 1) He should be working out each muscle group more than once a week and 2) It's not necessary or ideal for him to be doing squats and deadlifts at this point. and 3) That your word is far from the gospel. I'm sure he can read this advice elsewhere too.

Serious question, do you even lift?
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