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Originally Posted by celticelk
I don't seem to be the only one who read that comment differently than you intended.
If so, my apologies - I do think it could've been phrased better.

celticelk and Valennic - that is some interesting insights and info about Krappy...thank you for the food for thought...

I too came to know of Bartolex and Asturias only recently - I'm sure there are a few other such companies and luthiers out there doing comparitively cheap ERCs ('extended range classicals'? ). Some are cheap to the point of not unwarranted, and all-too-often well placed, suspicion (Orfea 10 string...?)

My build is in essence a Charlie Hunter thinline semihollow archtop, with 5 strings for bass and 6 for guitar (I'm not even sure if an archtop like that is possible!). Till very recently I had been doing classical guitar, and jazz on (6 string) tapguitar, till one day I realized that by
a.mastering artificial harmonics,
b.down tuning the lowest strings, and
c.utilizing ERGs,
I could get the benefits of tapguitar on fingerstyle guitar - and I for one prefer the fingerstyle sound. The tuning for my build goes Db0 Gb0 B1 E1 A1 - E2 A2 D3 G3 B3 E4. - E and A repeating is just more logical for me, and the lower strings are not as much for lower range as for getting notes from E1 onwards almost anywhere on the fretboard, whether other voices go high or low. That way, I hope to emulate a bass and a guitar, with no voice independence issues.


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