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Originally Posted by Wingchunwarrior View Post
Yeah but you wanna take all the advice with a grain of salt as we don't have pictures of ourselves therefore none of us could know anything about weightlifting and nutrtion

Yeah, that's exactly why I said the proof is in the pudding. You could weigh 150 lbs and squat the bar for all anyone knows. Why would anybody take advice on lifting weights from somebody like that? This isn't a difficult concept to grasp. You've already posted some questionable 'advice'- including but not limited to: telling someone not to go to BECAUSE someone here is a member there. LOL, how is that even relevant to someone reading articles on the site? You expect this person to regurgitate it word for word here? There's a lot more than one person here that's on, not that that's a good thing.
If anything you should've said to avoid because it's 90% people who are 150 lbs and don't lift and don't know anything. There are way better forums than that.
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