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Out of curiosity, has anyone (besides me) tried mixing the same amp model with different sag/bias/hum settings? I made a patch trying to emulate Petrucci's rhythm tone for "On the Backs of Angels" using that method. While I didn't succeed in capturing the strange warble Petrucci has I did wind up with a seriously awesome tone.

Essentially, 1 side is a Recto model, one with a really low sag / hum setting (to get a super dry, more Mark style tone) and the other side is another Recto with relatively the same EQ with about 70% sag and 30-40% hum and a little higher bias & excursion to try and capture the crazy output tube compression. I used different mic models on both. Just A/B'd each individually and picked the one that best captured the core tone.

It sounds so good I'm thinking about doing the same thing to the other patches I've made already that are chiefly dry amp tones. It really adds a lot of depth and sounds much more like playing with an amp in the room through headphones.

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