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Which multi-amp setup?

It seems like ever year or so I want to change out the main amp I'm using on my rig. I've had dozens of amps and always find something to nitpick about each one. Currently I'm using an orange RV100 and It's the closest I've gotten to that sound I hear in my head. However, it's never going to be perfect, and since I'm always looking for better tones, it makes me wonder if modeling is the right way to go. I'm tired of getting a new rig every year and just want something I won't get tired of. As far as tones I like-

Smooth tube high gain sound from my orange
Not the tone, but the response and feel of a splawn QR
Channel 3 from an ENGL Steve Morse
OD1-orange on a JVM 410 marshall
Channels 3/4 from a vh4
SLO lead
smooth yet sparkly highs from a hiwatt/ vox
The well defined power of a krankenstein
fat cleans of a fender
and that amp that sit between a recto and a marshall that isn't a 5150 or a fryette (I had a sig:x once and it had great tone, but for some reason, the sound frequency gave me huge headaches)

I used to be a MTS guy. I had 3 different MTS amps and a mess of modules and got out of the mts world as it felt like a money pit, buying module after module and having them modded. I've heard some of the Salvation modded modules and they sound incredible. If I had the RM1250 I'd have 12 module slots and know I could find the tone I'm looking for. It might be a little pricy, but If I got tired of a module, I could always swap it out for something else.

Then there's the axe fx 2. I've heard raves about this system but I haven't had the chance to play one or hear one live. Just about every digital modeler I've heard, never lives up to the hype and I'm always let down. The axe might be cheaper in the long run, I'd have to buy a power amp as well. I do like the fact that I could plug headphones into it and jam alone at home silently without bugging anyone else. Then again, it is digital, so I have my doubts about it.

Which unit would you choose and why?
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