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i see a problem with people labelling any ordeal as a hate crime or an act of racism. in most cases, when people see that the victim was of different color or gay etc... they are quick to state that it was an act of prejudice. now i am not saying that is always the case, but i can't possibly believe that all cases are the result of some ass hating on other races.

i don't want to step on any toes, but i think it's easy to post blame on certain things entirely, like in this case, a bully who was bagging on the kid. he may possible had a mental imbalance that his parents ignored etc.. but yeah, i most definitely agree that the parents tutelage, if done properly, could have done a world of a difference for the victim.

^ Well in here it seems that the line between "bullying" and "hate crimes" is rapidly blurring. And I agree that being proactive is far better than being reactive. But that starts in the home and is enforced elsewhere. Parents should be doing a fair bit of nuturing at home and probably pay more attention to the lives they bring into this world school officials should be more vigilant.

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