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Originally Posted by Konfyouzd View Post
I think in a way it IS to make them feel better about themselves. You see... You mentioned that they're usually "superior" in some way according to the standards of a given society. And they use bullying to assert their authority over lesser people. Thus it boils down to them doing it simply to validate in their mind that they are, in fact, superior in the eyes of their society. It's insecurity.

Also, I'm not sure if you actually "firmly concur" as you kind of said the opposite of what I said (unless I misread your post).
I am opposed to your statement that no reaction will somehow prevent you from being greenlit.

While i support your point of helping people to be aware that a bully does not have any effect on their real value (not percieved self value), i think no reaction is the worst reaction to a bully. Hell i would advise people to beat the living crap out of one with a lead pipe before telling them to just take it and be silent...

€dit: i actually managed to get "concur" wrong in my mental dictionary, i switched concur with opposed...

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