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Originally Posted by Konfyouzd View Post
That's not so much the point I was trying to make but at this point I don't think it matters anymore. What I was getting at is that allowing them to get to you is what perpetuates the problem. Bully = Troll. Reaction = Green light.

I'm aware that some ppl just don't have that in them but putting the idea out there might help some ppl realize they're not the piece of .... the bully wants them to believe they are. Perhaps it could have been phrased differently, but I've never been good at sugar coating. My apologies.
I firmly oppose... not reacting will have absolutely no effect, bullying is not some sugarcoating bull.... "people who put down other people to feel better about themselves", this are the 2-3 lardhogs who pick on kids because they get picked on for being full of excess crap.

The usual bully is very well integrated in whats called "society" in school, and usually of superior physical and mental power. It doesnt matter how you define real mental strengh, in the usual situation the obvious superiority is all that matters and then the sadism will commence. Bullying is pure enjoyment gathered from executing power over others. The only effective reaction against this is usually seviere physical violence. If you do not react the punishment will just continue because it never stops being fun beating the little nerdfaggot.

Differences, like skin colour, sexuality and whatnot are just excuses to legitimate the power over a person to others, typical evolutionary groupbehaviour.

I know i will not make a lot of friends with this statement, and my use of words is well considered to emphasize my point.

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