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Originally Posted by scherzo1928 View Post
Would have been surprised if there was something smexier in there.

Did you get it for a particular axe? or your general awesomeness?

It seems I got a lot of votes for the Red Witch and the Hand of Doom. When the guy handed me the award he said it wasn't even close. That made me feel pretty good.

I talked to a lot of guys from Mojo and they are going to start carrying some pickup parts I asked for. I also made friends with the Bourns rep and she gave me several pot kits to try all the high end potentiometers so I might switch to them. I spent a lot of time talking to Reverend guitars and Port City amps about various things that can help my business. Port City amp got my telecaster with the P90s on Sunday and kept it half the day using it for demos.

I really appreciated the other builders/vendors coming over and asking to play my guitars. That was pretty cool.

I think my favorite complement I got was from an 8 year old kid who said to his mom after playing a few guitars "These are guitars like famous people play"

I made guys prove they could play Sabbath before letting them touch the Hand of Doom... with the grand finally being a friend of mine that played in a Sabbath cover band drawing a small crowd playing the Hand of Doom (and several other Sabbath tunes).
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