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Originally Posted by Poetic Maggot View Post
I truly do love to play the guitar, despite how much it seems I hate it and want to throw it out my 2nd story window. I'm just the kind of person that gives up too easily on everything. I do enjoy playing it, but started to feel like I wasn't doing anything right anymore. Thats all. I don't want to give up on it. Or switch to another instrument *shudder*
Then I'd just play it for fun... and not care too much about what it sounds like or bother learning anything that isn't fun. Despite all of the trash talking you see on forums & youtube comments, being good on guitar isn't actually a requirement in life.

But people that truly want to learn are always going to have the advantage and will progress at rates that will make you even more frustrated with your own playing--if you let yourself get hung up on that stuff.

You just have to realize that the way you're describing yourself, it would be like someone asking "How do I get good at baseball?" then following it up with "But I hate running, I can't swing a bat and I think throwing and catching a ball is boring."
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