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If you want to have fun with guitar you first have to learn how it works. I, personally, really like playing jazz/jazz fusion with other musicians but if I want to really have fun with the band and make music I have to be able to handle myself and know all my musical preferences in a Bb7-D7-F7 chord progression. So for me I need to have a grasp on various scales and applying them, not to mention I have to keep up with the chord changes so I'm not using D Phrygian Dominant 2 bars through the F7. I also have to be able to hold my own with technique. There's no easy way to get good at guitar without practice and understanding.
Also you want to go to a music school, yeah? I can tell you from experience, it's going to be very troubling for you if you don't feel motivated to put in the work hours for ear training, theory, and instrument practice.
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