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Originally Posted by groph View Post
You don't get a kit, you'd use a volt meter to check the bias. Not sure if you can bias the tubes yourself with these amps and if you don't know what you're doing, take it to a tech, there is electricity in the tubes and you could shock the living .... out of yourself. You might be referring to a bias mod kit? Since 5150's have fixed biases, meaning you can't actually change them without getting the amp modded (as far as I understand), people opt for this mod and set the bias a bit "warmer" (higher) so the tone in the end comes out "warmer," a common complaint is that 5150-like amps sound cold out of the box. Your 6262 is based off of the 5150 II so I assume it also has a fixed bias but I certainly don't know for sure.
There's a knob inside the head called "Bias Adjust" ... I just need to know where to go in the UK to get what I need.
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