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Originally Posted by USMarine75 View Post
So then, the question is... why does Ibanez mostly use ....ty rosewood (and occasionally cheap looking Maple) on their $2k+ axes? (And I have 2 JEMS so I'm def not an Ibby hater)

My Japanese EVH has birdseye maple (and SS frets), my Peavey Wolfgangs all have birdseye maple, and my ESP LTD 35th has ebony...

Does Ibanez really need to cut corners on their $2k+ guitars? Seriously, how many black guitars with Rosewood can you have in your product line?!

Here's a few axes that I think would be epic wins with Ebony boards or some nice birdseye maple... (IMO)

Oh well, rant over... they'll still get my $$$ anyways.
Why is it you think Ibanez uses ....ty rosewood? The slab on my S (an early nineties guitar, admittedly) has one of the best rosewood boards I've ever seen.
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