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Jason Becker Appreciation Thread

Bit of a no brainer this as he is a legend on this forum but did search and find there wasn't one for him and well if any one deserves an appreciation thread its Jason.

I found this video of his clinic version of Mozart's Symphony 25 in G the other night when was checking out how to really play the A minor 5th Caprice and immediately downloaded the manuscript to start learning it along with repeated watching of this video. I'll never get it within a tenth as good as he does obviously but the inspiration is epic....

Sure they been randomly posted before but here's a few Other vids from this clinic. The Tapping video is insane!

One of the very very few players I think that plays both with incredible technical ability BUT with such fantastic feel as well even when he is shredding the guitar to sawdust! And every video I ever watched or interview he always comes across as the nicest bloke and always so humble about himself.

To Jason........
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