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Originally Posted by Shawn
Great review and cute pic.

I really liked playing Drew's HR, it played really nice and it was quite comfortable too.
thanks guys she is my little rocker for sure(it horrifies my wife that she sings along to Nevermore,
Lacuna Coil and Ratt tunes (and kelly clarkson too , hey what are ya gonna do? )

Shawn, Drew your main 7's are Ibanez, I haven't had the chance to really try one
yet, how does the Hellraiser 7 feel compared to the Ibanez?
(I know it's got a fatter neck, but besides that) how do they compare?
I'd love to try I Universe but none to be found in Boston right now.
which other Ibanez 7's are worth checking out (I like a floyd too) ?
Nick what's your rating system ? point me to a link
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