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My Iguana died last night

She had just turned 3 years old and was nearly 4ft long from snout to tail. I realize that most pet owners have either cats or dogs, but reptile/exotic pet owners seem to have alot more of an attachment to their pets. The worst part about this was, she was the HARDEST iguana to tame, in the 3 years I had her, she almost never let me handle her calmly. About 1-2 weeks ago, she started showing signs of warming up to me. I would let her free roam my house and she would usually crawl and lay on my warm cable box but lately, she would crawl and lay on my arm, hoping I had some treats or something. If any of you here are iguana owners and are curious to know how she died so young, it was from Metabolic Bone Disease, which I regret to say is fully my responsibility and right now, I feel really terrible about.

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